Krypton/new skin performance in Raspberry Pi feedback

First, I want to express my gratitude for the great job the OSMC team is doing and have done with the last update :slight_smile:. Yesterday, I have installed the last OSMC update in my Raspberry Pi 2 and I want to give some feedback.

It seems the performance has decreased and now the menus navigation is really slow. When I enter to an option, it takes a few seconds to load the content, while in the previous version in was momentary. I don’t know it is related with the new kodi version or the new skin. Also, the default layout to show the contents it’s boxes of thumbnails. I prefer viewing always the list of names, like before: it loads faster, and I see many information at a glance. I know I could change the layout to a detailed list for the current menu but, could I configure this layout by default for all the menus?

Personally, I don’t like the new skin. It’s just an opinion. I love the old OSMC theme because of its lightweight for light system like Raspberries, it was clean and simple. However the new one has many animations, animations in transitions between contents, it shows an animated logo while loading… I don’t think it is a good theme for light systems…

Anyone knows a theme like the old OSMC one? I really would like having the old theme back again, choosing it from the settings could be enought. Fortunately, I had made a backup before the update… so I have come back to the previous OSMC version while I clear my mind.

Best regards!

Unfortunately the old skin is not compatible with krypton and the developer is gone.
So not going to happen.

The new skin should work fine on low performance systems, even the Apple TV 1st generation. If you are experiencing performance problems, it’s likely related to something else.

Hi all! I have done some research and it seems the slow bevibour is related with the slow execution of python scripts: Slow Python scripts in Krypton - #14 by BasRieter. I use many addons which list huge lists, and they takes too much time to load the content.

It is very frustrating. I think I could not stay in Krypton until kodi team fixes this issue. So I think it could takes months until it’s fixed (if someday it is…) and the OSMC team upgrades the kodi which contains the fix, right?

It will not take months.

There has already been a proposed stopgap. It will likely be released in a couple of weeks if it’s acceptable.

But addon performance is not related to the skin.

Yes, it’s true I don’t like the skin at all. But also I didn’t know which was the problem: krypton itself or the skin. Now it’s clear! Thanks you!

Well, the PR with the improvements has just been merged. We wiould have this change soon, maybe in kodi 17.1 :slight_smile:


I really love the new skin. Its very professional. And I work as a UI-Designer.

I use it on a Raspberry Pi 1 and the nice loading spinner animates very slow. Maybe there is potential for a better performance or an option for a more simple spinner.


I think this is already addressed at the moment.

Based on advice from people involved in the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the frame rate of the busy animation has been set low on the pi1 (and the Apple TV).

This is because displaying the animation can actually cause a high cpu load, and so slow down whatever it is that the pi is actually doing. The frame rate has been set to a level where it should have the minimal impact on the cpu.

The new skin is nice, but I prefer the classic Confluence Skin. I think it is very easy to use with remote control on Pi connected to the TV