Krypton Theme Reverts To Default

Hey hope someone can help. After my Raspberry Pi 2 updated to Krypton it rebooted and the setup seems to be in perfect order. I then tried to make changes to the theme etc to my liking and save as I go along however after i reboot I noticed all my settings revert to its default setting.

I did this exercise again thinking I may have done something wrong, i reboot the Pi and same result. I ran Jarvis with my own skin tweaks in Eminence 2.0 however with krypton that skin is no longer compatible. All my other apps works perfectly such as, transmission, sickrage, couch potato etc…

Anybody else having this issue?

I’ve noticed this issue with some SD cards that are near fail stage. I think the way Kodi writes out settings has changed in Krypton. guisettings.xml is no longer only written out on Exit / Reboot, but also as each setting is changed.

I suspect choosing Power -> Exit, letting Kodi reload, and then rebooting will resolve your issue. If that’s the case I’d also double check the SD.


Just want to say thanks! It worked as you said when i followed the steps. I’m now able to customize and reboot without losing my settings.

I think this means you may need a new card.
Test with another to be sure.