My first attempt at using the forum!

Just updated to Krypton yesterday and still exploring but I have two issues:

  1. When calibrating the video display (1280x720/50) to suit my TV display the “square box” does not pop up, and

  2. the MeTV addon does not work after the update, I don’t know if this a Krypton bug or related somehow to MeTV.



Well MeTV or Kodi, nevertheless clearly a Kodi topic so suggest to followup on the Kodi Forum

Change to Estuary skin to do calibration

Will this be fixed with upcoming versions?
Or do I always have to calibrate with the Estuary skin?

It will be resolved at some point.

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perfect :thumbsup:

I could not find the display size calibration menu in Estuary, in the OSMC skin it is under “Interface” in System, I think. could you please, point me in the right direction.

You have to set the System settings>Display menu to Advanced/Expert in the left menu.