Kuman LCD Touchscreen driver problems

Hey guys,
i got a problem: I have a Raspberry Pi 3 and an Kuman 3,5 inch touchscreen. I want to install the driver but everytime i try it, i got a black screen and it doens’t answer with ssh.
Is there a alternative way to install the touchscreen?

I have this touchscreen: http://kumantech.com/kuman-35-inch-tft-lcd-display-480x320-rgb-pixels-touch-screen-monitor-for-raspberry-pi-3-2-model-b-b-a-a-module-spi-interface-with-touch-pen-sc06_p0014.html

Hope for answer
Yours Kolone

The spi screens will not work with opengl(es) iirc.
It might be possible that you cannot run kodi on them.
Also this driver could be raspbian specific. OSMC might not work with it.