LAN + WIFI config


I need help configuring OSMC, to be able to use WIFI and LAN at the same time. I would like to use LAN port for IPTV streams, and WIFI for internet access. By default my IPTV provider limits port to video only, so no internet is possible.

For internet access I would then use Wifi. I really hope this is possible to do, but since my networking knowledge is limited, I would really appreciate your help.

For LAN i need to setup static IP address /
For Wifi it could be either DHCP or static, static is preferred with IP

Im not sure how to configure static routes, so that IPTV uses ETH port and applications WIFI.

Thank you for your help.

What your trying to achieve isn’t really possible by using routes. TCP/IP can’t distinguish between applications. What you could do is setup your WIFI connection as the default and then create routes via your LAN to the IPTV services. You would need to know the IP address ranges used by your IPTV provider.

We don’t really have any infrastructure in place at the moment (like if-up.d) to make it easy to add static routes, as routes need to be re-added each time an interface comes up and connman doesn’t have direct support for configuring the routing table, other than the default route.

But you have another more serious hurdle - connman will not automatically connect two networks at once. So whilst you could manually connect Wifi while Ethernet is already connected, next time you reboot Ethernet will take precedence and Wifi will not automatically connect.

So what you are trying to do is currently not possible.