Language packs attempt to upgrade

The language packs spontaneously attempt to update. I have no internet connection, only a local network. Each language pack shows an update message stating the update succeeded (it is impossible). I disabled, or un-installed the packs, but the return automatically. They should not try to upgrade without a upgrade server connection. And they should stay disabled.

I have recently seen that too after a reboot a bunch of language packs started to update. I also thought they are disabled I use English from day one

Presumably, with no internet connection, you have automatic updates turned off?

Yes. Auto updates are off. I physically carry my Vero4k into town to connect to the internet and manually start the updates. The language pack updates appear to disregard the global updates switch.

I assume you refer to the setting under MyOSMC, or? The setting under MyOSMC only impacts OSMC updates and not Addon Updates. To disable Kodi Addon updates you have to do it in Settings → System → Addons