Last OSMC 18.x disk image for Pi 2?

Please can someone point me at the last disk image for OSMC/Kodi 18.x for the Pi 2?

Is it this one?


because? current build it’s work good on pi2… I’m approx daily usage at my home from about six years :wink:

Because they dropped MPEG-2 (SD TV streams) and VC-1 hardware decoding and removed the components that make Hyperion work (Dispmanx). It’s a downgrade from 18 to 19+ if you use those things on a Pi 2.

VC-1 hardware decoding was re-enabled in the most recent OSMC release - or at least it was on my Pi 3B+, which runs much the same code. And SD mpeg-2 is being decoded in hardware too, I think. (There’s enough processing power to handle it in software even if it isn’t). Deinterlacing might still be a problem, though.

I don’t see anything in the release notes relating to VC-1 hardware decoding on the Pi

I tested the latest build of OSMC with Kodi 19 and as suspected SD playback of MPEG-2 streams is choppy. /dev/spidev0.0 didn’t exist either, I found I needed to add dtparam=spi=on in the config to get that working, but Dispmanx grabber is gone too so that doesn’t work anymore.

Anyway, I’ll just download the image above, I think it’s the right one.

It’s not in the release notes because it’s not enabled on the Pi 4, and not that many Pi users are still using a 2 or 3.

Really? I’m surprised anyone can get a Pi 4. It’s showed out of stock in the UK everywhere for the past year at least.

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Did you purchase the hw support keys for your RPi? When I posted what you quoted above the new video stack no longer allowed the purchased hw decoders to work and it didn’t look like that was going to change in the future especially since the current model (RPi 4) does not even have that as an option. Since that time the raspberry pi devs got that working for the older pi’s and OSMC integrated that support earlier this year.

Yes, unless the OSMC upgrade from 18 to 19 didn’t preserve them in the config. I’m pretty sure it said hardware support was enabled when I went looking in there for SPI settings. It’s a moot point anyway since I need Dispmanx

Edit: it’s the correct img file for the last Kodi 18 version. Looking at the My OSMC add on, I notice it shows my license keys whereas when I upgraded in place to 19 it did not. Guess they didn’t get preserved :man_shrugging:

I’ve also got v19 on a RPi2 and the biggest problem I have is the loss of hardware deinterlacing. Watching TV via the tvheadend plugin looks terrible every time the view pans left or right. Software deinterlacing can’t keep up.

That’s the one I’m running on my 3b (I have a total of 4 3b’s) that is setup as a PVR (OSMC +TVheadend) works fine.
The majority of the recording I do is SD freeview so not upgrading for much the same reasons as yourself. Pi 4b’s aren’t cheap in the UK when they are available.

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