Last update broke all my OSMC skin customization

Real bummer as I had Genres and Collections working beautifully. I knew that the update required removing some unsupported plugins, how do I get it back? Genres doesn’t work at all, and Collections doesn’t show the thumbnail images, just the backdrops.

Unfortunately, due to changes in the code for colours and the way thumbnails are picked up as well as an update of the script responsible for customizations, this has and will happen to many. You will have to remove and add back the affected widgets through the home menu customization for it to work again.

I have my movies set to Recently added and the update nuked that.
I went into the settings and changed it back but it didn’t work.
What did work for me was to tell the skin to restore default settings, go back to the home menu so it builds, then go back in and make the necessary changes to your liking.
I think there was some residual conflict that the restoration wiped clean.
Try it out.

Well- can you explain as you would a child? It seems I lost the Extended Info and Skin Helper Service apps after the update.

Now my “Genres” (which used the preconfigured genres widget) doesn’t work at all and my “Collections” shows the backdrops but not the individual images.

Is there a replacement for those apps?

Those addons haven’t been made public for v19 users properly by their maintainer yet, I’m afraid.

If a widget doesn’t work anymore after the update (usually the cover art is not shown properly), we recommend re-configurigung it via the customization dialog. If said widget relies on the helper scripts, there’s not much that can be done from our side. They can be downloaded from a beta repo though, I believe. Check this out: skin helper service

Thanks @Chillbo, but that skin helper didn’t work with the latest update either. However, I was able to find a different helper that does work. And while I had to recreate the widgets, they are pretty cool, so no worries.