Latency spikes on network when pi Rev b with Osmc is on

Just started using my raspberry pi again with OSMC and noticed that I’m getting large latency spikes on my other computers. Ive verified it was the pi causing it by playing with it off. Is there any settings or issues that could be causing this?

Normally I would say no, but your problem must have a reason. First get you tell if you use Ethernet or Wifi?

All connections are through ethernet directly to the router/modem.

Latency spikes to where exactly ?

Other computers on the lan ? The internet ?

On a switched Ethernet network one device can’t cause “latency spikes” for other devices unless there is an issue with the network or the bandwidth is constrained.

I’ve notice the the same behavior and after 3 days of investigation I found that one of my addons is generating A LOT of traffic. The addon was Pulsar and its daemon constantly keep arround 1500 UDP connections. So if you have the same addon I suggest to remove it and check your local network again for lag and dropped packets.

I have 2 desktops that me and the wife play league of Legends on. If we leave the pi on (not being used at all) then we get latency spikes every minute or so to 700-800ms. Normally we are at 52ms. When I turn the pi off we can play with no issues. I understand what you’re saying and that’s why I posted because it makes zero sense to me. It might actually be some network conflict not Osmc or the pi.

I think I’ll do a clean Osmc install and see what happens with no plug-ins. I’ll report back.

Well not so sure if it is network conflict or as @WizziLalev mentioned maybe some heavy traffic generated by an Addon.
If you would like to investigate install iptraf and check how many connections/traffic is generated by going into “IP traffic monitor”

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install iptraf
sudo iptraf

Does seem to be an add-on, no issues with a clean Osmc install.