Latest on browser support?

What is the latest on the web browser support? I did see some threads about it but many of them go back a few years now without an update. Was the browser project suspended?

The only thing that I missing compared to my windows htpc was a web browser so that I could play HGTV content, I have to use a socks proxy and vps from canada to watch the content.

There is a hgtv addon but it only has old content and none of them work. I usually stream HGTV from their website. For now I have to watch that content on my desktop PC as no way to stream on my Vero that I am aware of.

Yes — we stopped working on the browser.

It’s possible to install Chromium and an X11 environment however and there’s a guide on this forum.


OK I will have a look for the guide. Installing X manually on linux used to be a real hassle not used linux for years as been using freebsd and windows.