Latest OSMC updates

I am having a problem with the updates. Im not sure if it was two updates in the past week or one botched one that tried to reinstall. I am using a pi 2 with a samsung evo 16 GB card and wifi for my internet. My router is right behind it on the other side of the wall which is just drywall. The system goes to the blue update screen, kind of hangs up, and eventually finishes. Both times it froze upon start up on the Osmc screen and for whatever reason I could get it working by unplugging and starting over after several attempts. I just got the frowny face and a reboot while backing out of menus. Im not sure if this is related. My biggest concern is I just put 3 of these together for people and they know less about computers than I do and I might have to fix this.

see this thread many reporting in with these issues just follow what dbmandrake says in that thread


The Samsung evo card should not be affected by the sdhost driver issue, so it’s unlikely to be that.

We would need to see debug enabled logs to have any idea of what the issue is. If Kodi is crashing you can do that by using grab-logs -A via an SSH connection.

no problems with crashing today