Latest OSMC Upgrade - August 6th 2015


I am using OSMC on my Raspberry Pi, running Kodi. I just updated the OS via automatic update (today, 20150806) to linux 4.1.3-1 osmc. Prior to the upgrade, I was using the Confluence skin. After the upgrade completed, I notice that the Settings menu under System is now replaced with “My OSMC.” No where can I find the Add-Ons section, or Appearance section, to manage add-ons or the appearance/skins.

Is this a bug?


No - just hit Systems on the main bar to get there.
BTW I, having updated am on linux 4.1.3-2 osmc

Thanks, I was use to selecting Settings under System, but you are correct, selecting System gets me to Settings menu after this new update. Thanks so much for the reply!