Latest supported PHP version

Hi everyone!

I’m wondering what is the latest supported PHP version?
If latest OSMC version is based on Debian Stretch, is it PHP 7.0?

The reason for asking is that I have NextCloud installed and it has recently been giving me a warning about PHP version being too old.
According to this, PHP 7.0 version security support already expired so it would be good to upgrade.

This is how i did it:

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I’ll give it a go as soon as I figure out how to save/backup current PHP settings and make Apache use 7.3 version.

For security reasons, it’s better to stick with the PHP version in Debian.

PHP 7.0 is the current stable version; and security fixes are being applied regularly.

Dear all,

any update on that matter? I have Nextcloud 15 running on the pi 3b+ under OSMC and cannot update to 16 due to php required 7.1 min.
Don’t know if I shall search debian forums for this information maybe?

There will be a new version when we move to Buster, but this is some months away.

Thanks Sam, I’ll wait for Buster then!