Latest Update Caused Lag, Visual Glitches

After dismissing the update notification for a couple weeks, I recently decided to update to the latest version. I was hesitant because everything was working correctly, guess I should have listened.

My Pi has been stalled a couple times, unresponsive to the controller, requiring a reboot thru SSH.
Other times it’s been laggy and slow to react. I also get some visual glitches, like sometimes the text shows up as boxes.

Memory usage has been higher as well. I made a post on Reddit and someone suggested it could be caused by changing the memory allocation or config.txt . Neither of these are things I have modified.
The only other thing I’ve done since updating is configuring the quick/smart menus from the homepage.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. The best way to get this information is for you to upload logs that demonstrate your problem. You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

Thanks for your understanding. We hope that we can help you get up and running again shortly.

That was me.

Logs are needed to investigate further.

I will follow up with logs as soon as I can.
I had some pretty bad news at home this week, so I haven’t been focused on the raspberry.

I will try to get them enabled tonight and see if I can capture what’s going on.

I have pasted the log here .
I also attempted to take a screenshot to document the visual glitches, however the SSH command listed on that page completely hung my raspberry. Sudo reboot did not work, and I had to pull the power.

It would benefit all of us if we could see more than the Kodi log alone. The prescribed method linked above or grab-logs -A provides us with much more relevant info so that we may be thorough in our diagnosis.

I did use the method above, thats how I got the kodi.log
I will try again with the grab-logs command.

Any idea why taking a screenshot would cause the entire system to crash?

As you’ve posted no full set of logs.

  • Go to and install fresh
  • If you still have the problem?
    • if so, try another SD card
    • if this still remains an issue, your PSU is likely causing problems.

Your power supply may not be up to scratch. You can learn more on our Wiki here:

Your SD card may be problematic.

Some SD cards are not genuine or have a lower capacity than advertised. Some simply fail over time.

Symptoms of SD cards not working correctly are:

  • Read-only behaviour, or changes made not persisting
  • A filesystem corruption error

Symptoms of counterfeit SD cards are:

  • Writing works until a certain filesystem size is reached, thereafter, writes seem to cause issues where existing data is lost or newly written data is not preserved.
  • SD card fails after a short amount of time.

Counterfeit cards are usually found on Amazon and eBay.

SD cards have a limited lifespan. If you would like to be a good quality SD card purpose manufactured for OSMC, then you can find one in the Store.

I appreciate the input.

I have a 5v 2.5A CanaKit power supply, and I have not gotten a lightning bolt since changing that over from my 2.1A. (Long before this issue popped up)

Genuine Sandisk Class 10 32gb SD Card. (Purchased retail from a big box store).

I will get you the logs as soon as I can.

Full log here.
I’ve snipped out my network share login info, everything else should be unchanged.

I will try to follow up with screenshots as well, now that I have WinSCP configured so I can transfer them over easier.

No suggestions, @sam_nazarko or @ActionA ?


Just to rule out your kodi configuration hasn’t become corrupted, can please run the following on the command-line:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv /home/osmc/.kodi /home/osmc/kodi.bak
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

This will make a backup of your settings, and create a fresh one; If the result is the same, you can revert by reversing the 2nd step.

Thanks Tom.