Latest update failed, massive buffering

I had some free time today and against my better judgement based on my previous update experiences, decided to apply the latest update.
Did not go well, as a failure message appeared saying :

“An error occurred installing the following package:
vero364-image-4.9.269-21-osmc: arm64”

The box reboots and shows the January 2021 version, but I don’t quite trust that.
I tried updating again but now it says I have the latest package.

I go to play shows that I have played before and now have massive buffering to the point that my Vero is once again un-useable.
This is not a cable issue, or a mountable drive issue as it worked an hour before I did the update and has been working flawlessly since last year.
Vero4k is plugged into a powered USB hub with powered hard drives attached to the hub.

Logs were uploaded.

Please tell me this is fixable without another format and reinstall of everything which I did in the fall already of last year.

If you know how to use SSH, then I suggest rebooting and running:

sudo apt-get -f install

This should solve your problem.

Assuming you mean January 2023.

I suspect you installed your system before August 2021; not last autumn,

because your logs don’t produce build information. Unless you intentionally installed an old image.



UPDATE: your logs actually show that you haven’t reinstalled since you got the device in 2018:

Start-Date: 2018-06-15  17:35:33

Yes, typo - January 2023. Previous version was October 2022
Trying SSH commands now
Thank you

I had done a clean install last October because of other issues, and when I last checked it today it said the October 2022 version.

It’s not possible that you performed a clean install from Download - OSMC in October 2022 unless you installed a very old version of OSMC and had the date wrong on your device.

had the date wrong on your device.

Even then, this wouldn’t really be possible because a valid date is needed to verify download signatures and we update date/time when connecting online.

Your device shows updates from 2018.

I suspect you were simply updating your device each time.

SSH install corrected the issue, thank you.

Glad to hear this.