Latest update: no input

I installed the recent update that has been flagging for the last few days and I cannot get any input devices to work with Kodi:

HP media centre remote with IR
USB Mouse
USB keyboard
xbmc remote (android)

I would love to provide logs, but with no way to drive an input, my setup has been completely banjo’d.

I have now img’d one of my other units which hasnt been updated to restore functionality and disabled updating & update notifications.

Search – covered a few times yesterday alone. This means you didn’t configure a remote from the beginning and were getting away with kernel based decoding. Either re-activate rc6 decoding or set a proper config in My OSMC -> Remotes.

SSH would work.

I did search. Went through a number of posts, every other user appeared to have still been able to control via USB keyboard/mouse, bluetooth keyboard, iOS app and so forth.

My installation booted, logged into Emby then that was it, therefore felt worthy to make note.

I will admit, hadnt thought to SSH when it refused to respond to the app, just assumed that tcp/ip or hardware interfacing was dead.

No – the issue is this:

  • Some remotes worked without configuration by near fluke before. Our keymaps were automagically making them work
  • But then if someone configures a proper remote profile, they can get duplicate presses.

Thus, your solution is to either:

i) (not recommended) Run: sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-rc6.conf && sudo reboot
ii) Configure a proper remote profile for your remote with irrecord. If you do this, we can include it for all users in My OSMC -> Remotes.