Latest Update - Refocus Skin


OSMC latest update

If there is anybody out there that uses the refocus skin on PI2, has anyone else experienced issues with this particular skin loading after the latest OSMC update (as of 2.23.16)? I ran the update, PI rebooted, update script ran, the pi again rebooted, but after the update/reboot all that loads is the refocus skin splash screen.

I had to ssh into the pi and remove the refocus dir from .kodi/addons and userdata/addon_data, and after that the default osmc skin loaded.

Would have helped if you would have checked a bit in the forum:

I’m using 15.2

Only one of the two post can be true

15.2 before the update. If the update automatically updated to 16, there was no indication that it would. So kindly piss off with your douche-bag statements.

YOU are clearly the douche-bag that introduced the confusion! Check your attitude pal!

Resolved – and nothing further can be said here that will help.