Latest update

Auto installed, yesterday, what a disappointment.
For the past months I’ve been fighting with the vero 4K.
A previous version, OSMC_TGT_vero3_20211225.img.gz seemed to run with no issues, anything after has issues with buffering, audio/video sync issues.
This started occurring using iptvsimple, sometimes, changing the channel and going back to the problematic channel would solve the issue, other times, only a reboot would solve.
Last month I switched to nextpvr, in docker, on a different computer, was running fine, after yesterday’s update, the audio/video sync issue resurfaced, immediately, after reboot, and again changing channels/ reboot is required.
I intend to install the 20211225.img.gz, disconnect internet, and NOT upgrade.

Are recordings impacted?
A sample video would be useful.

I don’t record

I understand that – but a recording would be useful to see if 1) the issue is reproducible when not streaming (to rule out a potential network issue); 2) we can obtain a sample to reproduce and fix the problem here.