Latest version recognising CrystalHD card?

Hi All

I’m running an RPi2 with OSMC/Kodi for a couple of years no issue - was considering trying an RPi3 for…well, for whatever reason, I have no real complaints with the RPi2. However, a Google showed that OSMC was now available for the ATV1…which is where I started with Sam’s stuff many years ago (thanks again!).

So I pulled out both my old ATVs with the Broadcom HD card today and updated them via USB with a HDD install…I maybe should have checked the forum first? Is there a confirmed issue with the latest version recognising the Broadcom HD card? I have choppy 1080P video playback with both.

Assuming yes, any timeline on a fix?

Many thanks, Richard

Thanks, yeah - just saw…should have maybe searched first :slight_smile:

You said it :slight_smile:

Go Yeah, yeah - my excuse is that I didn’t read whole thread first look, and description wasn’t a perfect match :slight_smile: But I know, still poor.

Maybe a defect list would be a good idea for each release, so known issues can be updated.

Many thanks, Richard