Launching Arch or Chorus web browsers


I’d like to use OSMC but also stream content straight from a web browser.

I added the Chorus and Arch web browsers and it siad they had downloaded successfully but I can’t see them anywhere to launch them?

Do I need to do something else to be able to see them under one of the menu tabs or is there a better way of streaming video content I would usually use chrome for (eg. iplayer and BTsports - in the UK).

Any help would be great.
Thanks, Peachi

You can search the forum yourself using the magnifying glass. This issue has been covered extensively and in great depth.

TLDR - Natively it can’t be done, but there is a tutorial available, see first result in that link.

My apologies. I think I searched the wiki and got no results but forgot to search the forums. Thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

So I have pretty much given up streaming from a web browser on my Pi3. It just seems to be jerky in what ever OS system I use (eg. OSMC via web browser plugin or Ubuntu Mate with Mozzilla Firefox). Added to that that I don’t think I can play SkyGo on it cause Silverlight, so I basically can’t get what I want as a media centre from it and therefore I am reverting to getting the cheapest PC with Windows that can manage it.

Also my original question about Arch and Chorus still stand. They may be better than the web browser the first link leads too which was really slow going.

Any thoughts on whether I should persevere with the RPi3 as a media centre?
Thanks, Pete

Chorus or Arch are not web browsers. They are web interfaces. See here:

OK yes I see the distinction now.

Doesn’t help me watch BT Sports or iPlayer (for example) via OSMC though (I think).

Best, Pete