LCD Screen connected to GPIO


I’m trying to get the OSMC display on an LCD screen I connected on the GPIO pins. I am wondering if anyone has actually managed to sort this same issue already.

I have a RaspberryPi B+ with a resistive touch LCD screen connected on the GPIO pins. While I can get a proper display for Raspbian after installing the drivers provided by the vendor, I cannot achieve the same on OSMC. When I install the driver provided on top of OSMC, the overall OS crashes and the Rasp Pi does not boot. I think it is because the drivers are meant to be exclusively for Raspbian.

To try a different approach, I installed Kodi on top of Raspbian. The installation was successful and the Kodi Media Player application got listed on Raspbian too, but I could not open the application for some reason. The device seems to be hanging altogether. Any ideas on what else can be done?

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Kodi uses OpenGLES.
This needs some tricks to be used on the gpio lcd framebuffer. See here:

Edit: As the linked page states, it isn’t working at all at the moment.