LCDproc do not boot automatically

After one update couple months ago I have a problem with LCDproc.
Firstly, it had not been work at all, but next after I tried to fix it, works but not boot automatically.
I have to do it manually by “sudo LCDd” to start process. Then I added “sudo LCDd” in rc.local and everything starts work perfect.

Now, I have got a new system and problem still occure even with rc.local modification. It doesn’t start at boot, so I need to force it manually.
I tried old configuration files which still works on old system but I have no idea how to fix it.
After first time I thought I have got the solution, but it has not worked further.
The same a second time…

Do you have any idea?

Are you aware of systemd - Debian Wiki ?

Thank you!!

I’ve just enabled booting by “systemctl enable LCDd”, and it works perfect!!

New update of OSMC and the same problem!
After OSMC have been updated LDC stops bootting automatically

I can start it by using “systemctl start LCDd” command , but the “systemctl enable LCDd” doesn’t fix the problem this time.

If you would like us to help, we will need logs (run grab-logs -A).

I’ve had a similar issue with the LCDproc service and I solved it by doing the following steps:

  1. Open the LCDproc.service file in nano:
sudo nano /lib/systemd/system/lcdproc.service
  1. Edit the [Service] section, as follows:

This will make the system start the LCDproc service only after all other system jobs have been dispatched.

  1. Press Ctrl+S to save the file

  2. Press Ctrl+X to exit the nano text editor

After rebooting the system, the service should start up without any issues, but keep in mind that it will take some time before it starts (from my experience, it starts at the same time as Kodi, or shortly after Kodi starts), as these steps will make it start only after everything else starts.