Learning remote codes

I want to learn the veto 4K codes to a universal remote control. I assume the usb dongle complicates this, is the a link to explain it ?

The USB dongle is only for the OSMC remote, is RF only, and will not interact with a universal remote. If you would like more information about that remote you can find info about it in this wiki…

However the Vero does have an IR sensor and Bluetooth built-in that can be used with other remotes. For most universal remotes this setup would consist of going to the My OSMC add-on, the remotes section, and then picking one of the profiles on that list. You would then program your universal remote to act as the same device that you set in My OSMC.


When l go to remotes l get no catogories available

If you click on the “remotes” icon in the My OSMC add-on it doesn’t give you a screen similar to the image below? If your using a different skin maybe try switching to Estuary or the OSMC skin temporarily.

Thanks found that now and using Xbox 360 protocol