LED stay in red..!?

Hello, I dont know why but my Vero 4k is not working anymore.

The front led blink then stay in red. Why ?
I tried several things that I saw in this forum but not working for me.

A afternoon, we just want to start the Vero 4k, and the LED stay in red…! We didn’t make any changes. And no problem since the beginning.

I bought it in 2016.
This computer doesn’t life more than 4 years ?

Thank you.




if Possible please try another power supply (5V, 2A) or powering the device via a USB A to A cable.

Thanks Tom.

Please try a new power supply as Tom suggested.

The device first went on sale in 2017.


Ah yes I first bought the Vero or Vero2 in 2016 before buy the Vero 4k. I remember.

So ok, I need to find a power supply… Don’t know where

And for powering the device via a USB A to A cable, which USB port can we use on Vero 4k, the black or the white ?

Thank you.


Should work on both but white one for sure.

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Thank you for the answers. Can I use a raspberry pi power supply for the test ?

5.1 V - 2.5A


Thank you.


Looks ok to me. :+1:

Piet, judging on your name you’re most likely Dutch.
If you need any assistance in Dutch where to find what perhaps I can help you out since I’m Dutch as well.
Feel free to message me.

Thanks for offering to help @Numiah

I can send a new power supply. Please open a support ticket.



@Numiah thank for your help. Yes I’m from Belgian. I don’t speak Dutch, but French :blush:

@sam_nazarko thank you very much for the offer. I’ll open a support ticket.



ok the problem was the power supply.

Thank to OSMC for the new power supply :blush: :grinning: :innocent:


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