LED stay in red..!?

Hello, I dont know why but my Vero 4k is not working anymore.

The front led blink then stay in red. Why ?
I tried several things that I saw in this forum but not working for me.

A afternoon, we just want to start the Vero 4k, and the LED stay in red…! We didn’t make any changes. And no problem since the beginning.

I bought it in 2016.
This computer doesn’t life more than 4 years ?

Thank you.




if Possible please try another power supply (5V, 2A) or powering the device via a USB A to A cable.

Thanks Tom.

Please try a new power supply as Tom suggested.

The device first went on sale in 2017.


Ah yes I first bought the Vero or Vero2 in 2016 before buy the Vero 4k. I remember.

So ok, I need to find a power supply… Don’t know where

And for powering the device via a USB A to A cable, which USB port can we use on Vero 4k, the black or the white ?

Thank you.


Should work on both but white one for sure.

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Thank you for the answers. Can I use a raspberry pi power supply for the test ?

5.1 V - 2.5A


Thank you.


Looks ok to me. :+1:

Piet, judging on your name you’re most likely Dutch.
If you need any assistance in Dutch where to find what perhaps I can help you out since I’m Dutch as well.
Feel free to message me.

Thanks for offering to help @Numiah

I can send a new power supply. Please open a support ticket.



@Numiah thank for your help. Yes I’m from Belgian. I don’t speak Dutch, but French :blush:

@sam_nazarko thank you very much for the offer. I’ll open a support ticket.



ok the problem was the power supply.

Thank to OSMC for the new power supply :blush: :grinning: :innocent:


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I had the same problem today. It was able to give the red light but nothing else. It actually was getting on the network via wifi with some weird device name but would not respond to ssh. I measured the voltage from the power adapter and it was giving me 5.1V, but when I measured the amps, it was something like 0.3A instead of 2.0A, so the power supply was the thing to fix.

I cut off the power cable to get the plug and then cut a spare USB cable so you have an A plug for the other end and then soldered the two. Sure, A to A cable achieves the same result but I did not have one so I had to use the stuff I had. That is in the case that you are somehow acquainted with the soldering iron :wink:

How would you have measured that?

good point, I used a multimeter to measure the power supply directly

I meant how did you measure that the powersupply only provide 0.3A?

I see what you mean, I think.
The amperage I measured on the red wire where is was split/cut so it would be “inline” when plugged into Vero.

But, did I do it wrong?

Nothing wrong with that. But it just proves that the Vero in that moment only used 0.3A. Surely the 2A is just max doesn’t mean that the Vero always uses that. So while I don’t say that the power supply isn’t the issue here your test doesn’t prove that the power supply can not provide the full 2A.


I see. I did not think about it. Thanks!

Idling, it should not take much current, and it should be consuming very little compared to when it is outputting video, so the amperage in my case did not mean anything. The thing that it was not outputting any video and was not able to get on the network properly and red let were on could be the cause of different things. So I was just “lucky” that it was the power supply fault, or a low hanging fruit.

Thanks for your comments!


It is nice that the power supply is easy to open – just one screw.

Here is the picture of a cap that died.

16V 470mF

if I ever come around and find to replace with, I might actually try fixing it.

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