Legal IPTV providers in the UK?

I want to have a try with a legal IPTV provider in the UK for free to air channels with the IPTV simple client using the new timeshift/catchup capabilities.

Can anyone recommend a legal provider?

Please do not reccomend anything that is not legal as I don’t want this post to get deleted and I’m not interested in sports or movies etc.

I’m not sure if you’ll find one. You would be better off with a DVB tuner.


I can’t think of many legal IPTV services that will work within Kodi let alone IPTV simple client.
Possibly you might get Pluto TV working or TV player (which is a pale shadow of its former self).
I noticed on the Kodi forums there is a Now TV addon but this just appears to be a wrapper to call up the Windows (possibly Android too) client, it may work with IPTV simple client but I cannot see how it would work with any OSMC device.
As @sam_nazarko says your best bet would be a DVB tuner if you can receive a Freeview signal.