Leia update resolution

Updated to Leia 18.2 today and it took me a moment to work out why the display was way off (crap fonts and lots of overscan).

The update had changed my 1080p 60Hz resolution to 480p 59.something_or_ other Hz.

Easy fix in the settings but odd that it happened.

Not to worry — it’s a one off due to the way Kodi handles resolutions after the update.


I’m keen to upgrade to Leia (thanks for all the hard work Sam et al!) but have one concern - my TV/screen ONLY supports 1080p60hz - thus I’ve used
sudo fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz
sudo fw_setenv outputmode 1080p60hz
to strongly encourage that resolution (1080p60hzforce also works but hasn’t been required).
Am just wondering what to expect after the upgrade - will that setting hold, and if it doesn’t, can I ssh into the box and use the same command to fix things?

You always can ssh in and those values are firmware values so not related to a Kodi update

Thanks very much @fzinken - just trying to make sure I don’t earn the ire of my wife by “upgrading” OSMC to a blank screen!

Always can happen. Actually suggest you share your log files so that we can see your EDID to understand why you have to change anything at all

Well, it’s working fine at present - and it’s a bit of a complicated can of worms that might well be best left sealed - but assuming the logs haven’t been deleted, then see this thread of mine: Interlaced output to progressive-only display?

No old logs are automatically removed, anyhow I got the general concept and I assume you should be fine.

Thanks for all your help!