LG - CEC Stop works after X time

I have noticed CEC it’s stop to works whitout any explanation.

For FIX that issue i can stop and restart mediacenter by SSH (whit “sudo systemctl restart mediacenter” or reboot physically (removing from wall power source) my Pi2 osmc setup.

I don’t have how it’s append… i ever used the same hdmi cable and i don’t have touch anythings on my cable or osmc configuration.

I have also found to search other similar issue on forum and found so many old thread most of that related CEC stop works after an update.
In my case it’s works… i can use for hours… for example switch source on my tv… back to pi2 hdmi and CEC stop to works.

this happens much more often when the pi2 remains on standby for several hours… i’m front of tv, swith to pi2 hdmi input and nothing append and CEC not works. At this point it’s need to reboot my pi2 or restart mediacenter for reobtain cec works.

How i can check in my current osmc setup if somethings it’s wrongly configurated ? Do have some suggestion ?

After about some days i have try to look over internet for a solution for this weirds situation.

In some thread i know i can add a edid.dat files and i have tryed to look how i can made it or create it.

I have reach this thread:

This similar question i have made in the pass here:

But in my case i’m still using a Rpi2 and not a Rpi3…

My question it’s… i have try to look what cointain this edid.dat files located in “/sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:gpu/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/” and i have found a completely blank file whit 0 (zero) byte created about 10 minutes ago since I am writing this reply.

At this point i’m asking… the procedure for obtain a correct edid.dat it’s still valid this:

And only i need to add this files in this path and apply modification on cmdline.txt how it’s descripted here:

Or here:

You thinks this edid.dat it’s can help also for my weirds CEC issue/trouble ?

EDIT After some test

I have try to look my actual Rpi2 setup.
The edid files located on “sys/device etc etc” it’s every empty.
I have also tryed to rename this files and reboot completely my Rpi2.
The files it’s been recreated but it’s ever completely blank and whit 0(zero) byte.

At this point for this test to fix my CEC issue i have created the EDID.DAT by TVService and i have copyed that on “/lib etc etc” suggested path.
Made modification suggested on my cmdline.txt and reboot my Rpi2 again.

At boot i have to test CEC and see if it’s remain working and and don’t stop working for no apparent reason after x hours (expencially when my TV it’s shutted off or used another source for hours).