LG Magic Remote weird issue


I recently bought LG oled 65BX.
I plugged Vero 4k to my Pioneer Vsx 933 Receiver and when I change my source to Receiver in TV I can use my Magic remote to steer Vero but… Only for a moment because connection is lost and when I Press some buttons I steer TV. After a while I again can steer Vero and this happens all the time. Once vero and for a while tv.

Any idea what to repair this issue?

Before I had Philips POS 9002 and everything was working ok.

Any LG Magic Remote usuers could help?

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Hi again,

I think I fix it

In Cec option in Vero 4k mark - Put additional devices to sleep. So far so good

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I was thinking that Put additional devices to sleep ends this problem but no:(

After every restert of vero problem returns. My tv see vero for 10s and 10s it doesnt. And whole situation repeats.

I need to turn off my Receiver, tv and vero from power for 2 minuts. Then everything work ok. But it works only to moment when I restart vero.

Sam… Please help me with this weird problem. What is going on? :frowning:

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Other Method is to disable vero cec. Restart vero. Enable vero cec. Turn off tv and ampli. Restart vero and rurn tv on

But this is not a longterm solution

Any idea?

Can you describe the issue in more detail and possibly post some logs demonstrating the problem?



Hi Sam,

Can You see my logs?


Solutions I write befere doesn’t always work. I don’t know what is a key to make it work :frowning: This is so annoying.

If you change inputs on your LG TV to something other than the AVR’s input, and then switch it back again, does CEC control start working again?

No it doesn’t

Problem is different. My Avr input shows and hides in LG Tv Inputs menu. It happens randomly but more or less every 20seconds.

When I see my Avr I can swith to this source and my LG remote works in Vero but then it hides and remote doesnt work and when I change source from Vero to TV there is no sound from Avr (i need to change my source from vero to tv exactly at the moment when Vero is visable in LG source menu - then sound from tv is ok in AVr)

It sound comolicated but it isnt :slight_smile:

Today I need to restart Vero becouse it hangs and I have this problem. I restarted my tv, avr and vero many many Times and suddenly it start ed to work. But this is weird.

I dont know why this is happening every time I restart Vero.

Any idea?

Do you have ARC enabled on your TV and AVR? On your TV one of the inputs should be labeled as ARC. Is this the input your AVR is plugged into?

Yes I have

Now it runs ok. And it will untill I reboot Vero… I don’t understand what wrong happens to Cec when Vero restart.

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LG TV’s seem to be a bit squirrelly sometimes when it comes to CEC. When I first got mine it took me a bit to figure out why the TV kept changing inputs on me when I didn’t want it to (it was switching to the ARC input but my AVR was plugged into the other input :man_facepalming: ). With my RPi I have plugged into that setup through an AVR when I reboot it will also sometimes not allow CEC to work until I change my AVR input to something else and then back again, but it is not consistent.

If you have not tried this I would go to settings>system>input>peripherals>CEC adapter> and enable “switch source to this device on startup”. Make sure after making changes in that screen that you exit using the OK button and not the back button on the remote (which will exit without saving the changes).

Thx for tip

I Try this after another restart of Vero. But I think this is not the proper Solution. (if I remember correctly I tried this some time ago but I am not sure)

Thank you for your time.

Best regards