LG Simplink in OSMC

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know ho to usw LG’s simplink with OSMC? By seting it up it wants that i use a DVD Player vor something from some big factoriese. Is there a way to set up my Raspberry Pi there?



Turn on CEC in Kodi. Settings -> System -> Input -> Preipherals

Now i can see a list of factories.

CEC will only work with CEC enabled devices, so if your DVD player is not CEC enabled, it won’t work and you will need to program your remote to control it.

I don’t understand. I want to controll the Raspi over the TV Device.

Then turn on CEC in Kodi as I suggested. The screenshot you showed has nothing to do with that setting in Kodi. Once you turn it on in Kodi (I assume you’ve already turned it on on you LG) the your TV remote will control Kodi when it’s the active source.