LG Simplink not work anymore whitout any explanation

I have ever used whitout any problems…
Today i turn on my TV and simplink not works anymore…
I have also reboot my Pi2 but apparently it’s not works anymore… how i can check ?

I have see inside Setting and apparently the CEC devices it’s present. I have tryed to disable it and re-enable it but it’s not resolve the issue.

What may have happened ?

Obviously i have also try to disable and re-enable the simplinks from tv settings… also this it’s not anymore help to resolve this issue.

On kodi.log after last restart i see this:
2020-05-20 18:27:43.364 T:1730626272 NOTICE: Register - new cec device registered on cec->RPI: CEC Adapter (2708:1001)

On my LG TV CEC didn’t work until I disabled simplink and just left the option beneath for CEC enabled.

But i don’t touch anythings… simply yesterday works.
Not anymore today.

I don’t have understand… how i need to try after your suggest:
Disable Simplink on TV setting on inside OSMC Settings ???

It’s just my personal experience on my LG. I had to disable Simplink on the TV. Kodi settings did not need to be changed. Maybe your TV has firmware upgraded or factory reset for some crazy reason??

no it’s impossible… it’s my LG it’s old… it’s a LG 49LF590V and it’s ever same firmware version for years.

It’s someone have some suggestion…

Turn everything off at the mains for five minutes.

do you think it’s the last desperate attempt?

I have also tryed to boot my Pi2 whit another SD… damn it’s not works :frowning:

I have to test some idea… i can post feedback in a hours.
I have to try to delete the edid.dat and try to re-made from scratch problably following this link:

I have also try to turn off all… my TV… my Pi2… and see what’s append… Aspect a feedback in a hours or later.

If have some idea to suggest… i’m here :slight_smile:

What is desperate about that. Unplugging everything from the wall for a couple minutes will ensure that the CEC gets reset. You can also try another cable/s and if you have other devices also plugged into this system you can try to unplug them temporarily to find out if one of them have gone rouge and are bringing the CEC bus down.


Funnily enough my LG55C6OLED started having issues two days ago.
Tries changing hdmi port and cables and no soundbase still no good. Turned off and on and still an issue.
Then I remembered monitor issues of old and unplugging for 10 mins. Did that which clears any capacitor charge and low and behold all good.
So unplugging for a short time is definitely worthwhile for display issues.