Libcec 3.1.0 - i can upgrade manually?

I have found this thread by google:

This thread speak about 3.0.1 and possibly problems whit LG remote… i have also have some trouble whit my LG TV and his remote and the osmc it’s use this 3.0.1…
If there’s possibly you thinks i can upgrade to this myself like other addons installed by zip ?

I’m not sure which version you would want to update to.

We carry (and backport the latest improvements). The latest version is for a platform namespace change, which will not change compatibility with hardware.

Unfortunately LG is not the most compliant vendor of CEC, but some logs may help, and an issue on the Pulse Eight GitHub may help, but you should collect all the necessary logs first.

Hi, I also am currently running into issues due to an update made to the FireTV OS. The new OS constantly communicates something over CEC which eventually causes the libcec to change hardware addresses which turns the TV on. I compiled version 3.1.0 (easy just follow the readme) and executed the client manually and it did not show this issue. How can I force Kodi to load the new version of the lib? The symlinks cec-client, cecc-client,, already link to the newer version.

It’s possibly i’m wrong :slight_smile: When i go on “Setting → System → Input peripherals” i can see a device says:
LibCEC 3.0.1 - Firmware v1

This “note” it’s inform me by the version of LibCEC used by OSMC or it’s the version of libcec “installed” and used on my LG Smart TV ?

That is the OSMC version.

And only for purpose test… it’s possible to upgrade on my currect osmc installation to 3.1.0 ? I’m not sure but i thinks not and i want to try i need to build a “newest” image by source of osmc it’s correct ?