Libnfs issue

Hi all

Running OSMC on my Pi3 and seemed to have run into an issue with it today. I was having an issue with a TV show showing up in the right place (not going in alphabetical order and then it would just disappear when I updated it) so I decided to reboot. However when it rebooted I noticed that something was coming as an error leading to the sadface screen. I didn’t notice the error until just before it went off screen so I rebooted and didn’t get any errors just the sadface screen for a few boots. Than it booted as normal but just wasn’t quite running right. Just tried again with a reboot and gone back to sadface.

Going through the logs it appears its a ‘libnfs’ error. Nothing has changed my end as far as I know.

Hopefully I’ve done the link to the logs right and someone can confirm what the issue and how I fix it. Thanks.

Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc kernel: blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 3547000
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc sudo[453]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session closed for user osmc
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc mediacenter[431]: Kodi exited with return code 135 after 0 hours, 0 minutes and 3 seconds
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc systemd[1]: Failed to read configuration file ‘/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service’: Input/output error
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc mediacenter[431]: /usr/bin/mediacenter: line 100: /bin/chvt: Input/output error
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc mediacenter[431]: libpng error: Read Error
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc mediacenter[431]: could not load image: Input/output error
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc http-time[334]: Unable to set time using HTTP query - no response received from servers.
Apr 09 21:51:33 osmc kernel: EXT4-fs error (device sda1): ext4_find_entry:1451: inode #17338: comm ntp: reading directory lblock 0

The device (sda) on which you installed OSMC is gone!
Or you have a power problem with it!
Anyhow only way is a new install on a clean device.

Thanks for the response. Only been running it for about a month on this new setup, so want expecting that as an answer!

Shouldn’t be a power problem as got the Pi charger but will double check with another plug.

When you say device do you mean the Pi or the SD/USB I’ve installed OSMC onto?

You have installed OSMC on an external device (either USB stick or USB HDD). That device is giving input/output errors which either indicate a hardware failure of that device or an issue with your power supply.

I’ve installed it onto a SD/USB as I did previously but having read that a USB stick isn’t really needed anymore I’ll dump that and start again with just the SD card.

Thanks for your help.

Ensure that your SD Card is big enough and also a quality card (Sandisk or Samsung)