Libraries not updating since 18.5 update

Anybody else got this issue? I really dont want to reinstall now, since i got everything working fine now…

New content is not entered in the library when updating… This happend since the 18.5 update.

I am not aware of any such issues with 18.5. There has been some changes going on this last week with TheTVDB that have been causing problems for people using their scraper. This should not affect Movie scraping though. If you would like to provide us with a log we can take a look and see if we can spot what is going on. The best way to do this would be for you to turn on debug logging, reboot twice, then run a library update, then upload full logs with the MyOSMC add-on.

Will do tomorrow. Been seeing more people with the issue though…

I see one person with that issue but on a PC and a Mac (and not even using the current Kodi 18.5 which the thread they posted in was about) and one person who said they had issues with OSMC after the update but provided no details. Everyone else who posted regarding scraping were talking about issues they had in the past. Am I missing something here from having that thread auto-translated?

Not related to 18.5.
The TVDB is changing the API once more which lead to scraper issues.
Either change to different scraper or wait for API stabilisation.


Unfortunately until TVDB stabilises, this issue will remain.


New TVDB addon update! version is 3.2.0
Can you check?

The issue doesn’t seem to be with the add-on but rather the API


API service looks stable to me, but API structure has changed, that’s why we need the addon update
API is moving from “” to “”, for example, so we need to update the addon anyway

The new add-on supports the new API/Api Structure, since it’s scraping and everything works, posters fanart and synopsises.