Library Issue

Happy holidays everyone.

I am having an issue with media library on OSMC. It says on the main page “Media Center 506 Movies” However within the movies category only 223 items display. I have tried removing one of the sources and added it back and that didn’t solve anything. I am also able to go to files and and play the movies that are not showing through the source so the files are fine. Any suggestions?

Logs here:

Thanks as always

You might have any kind of filter active for your library? Otherwise check if the items that are not showing up in your library have proper scrapped metdadata information. Try under the file node to open up the info tab on your movie file, is it populated?

Could also be that the directory and file names are wrong.
Check details/instructions here:

Everything was fine before and I made no major changes. All the file paths still work just fine on Plex, so I am assuming it has something to do with Kodi.

Did you enable the hide watched option?

Do you have movie sets enabled?

thats what i suggested with the filter options…but since you didn’t get onto my suggestions… so no filter? file info populated?