Library not showing in web interface

Hi all,

I am reinstalling a Vero4K with latest OSMC. I am doing this remote via command line and web interface because the device on location is 2 hours drive away and the end user is not capable of doing it himself.

I cannot however get the library to work. The screen in the web interface is empty. On the physical tv which is connected to the device there is also no library shown:

The shares are accessible and videos can be played when selecting them through the file browser:

The update library script can be executed succesfully:

2023-03-31 08:33:53.768 T:7914 INFO : VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan …
2023-03-31 08:33:53.788 T:7914 INFO : VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00
2023-03-31 08:33:58.956 T:7916 INFO : initializing python engine.
2023-03-31 08:34:02.174 T:7916 INFO : CPythonInvoker(8, /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/ script successfully run
2023-03-31 08:34:02.323 T:7916 INFO : Python interpreter stopped

I am running Kodi 19.5 with the following plugins:

Any ideas anyone?



Assuming you already managed to sort out your source paths I assume the part your missing is setting the scraper for those sources. I’m not sure there is a method either via the terminal or the web interface to do this and this is stored in the database and not the xml files so I’m thinking your going to have to do a walk through with the person in front of the TV.

Thanks for your reply. Yes the source paths are sorted out and accessible through the file browser. Then it must be the scraper indeed :frowning:

I’ll take a quick peek at the database as well, but I believe it’s a binary file so all hope might be gone of doing it all remote…

The database by default is an SQLite database. If you can find a command line tool for that you can, in theory, add entries manually to the database for the scraper. You’ll probably have to look at an existing database to get the right table entries though. I don’t think those entries are really documented anywhere. It’s obviously not really a supported option to setup scrapers by doing direct database entries.

You might be able to just run Kodi locally using an identical sources.xml (you could do it on a PC if you wanted) in a new profile and then set the scraper there so it is stored in that database and then swap out userdata/Database/MyVideos119.db to the remote machine.

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Since hardware was never mentioned, I don’t know if it works. But my first thought was vnc?

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This is the easiest way I think; the information is specified in the ‘path’ table of the sqlite db where besides the OS path the scraper and its settings are specified: