Library not updating

Hi there,

Recently - a few days ago my TV library does not update, My movie library does,

I use a program called filebot to renumber my media files before i add them to the library, Within filebot I specify the TVDB as the source to scrape and it finds them without issue.

OSMC looks as though it is scraping them okay but anything new i have put in there does not show up in the TV library. I use the TVDB scraper in OSMC for my tv files.

Each episode is in its own folder of the same name and correct numbering format,
Each folder contains a single file is checked.

My question is please can someone advise me a way to troubleshoot this? I’m not afraid of technical responses, I can find nothing in the logs to suggest a problem.

Im at a loss.

Using Rpi 2 with updated OSMC build last night.

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Usually when I see someone report such issues it´s a permission problem.
Can you see and play the files from file mode?

However… are you actually having each episode in it´s own folder?
I don´t htink that is supported for TV shows… for movies it is, you have to set it when setting content.

Hi Miappa,

Thanks Kindly for your response!

Yes each file in its own folder - Didnt seem to be a problem before now, but i can check that out and let you know how its goes.

The permissions thing has got me thinking also - yes i can play them from file mode.

One thing i did do was use Robocopy to bulk upload over the network - Any known issues with that? I hadn’t done it this way before now i think so perhaps that’s where somethings erked,

I’m working tonight so i can update this thread again tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks sincerely for your pointers :slight_smile:


Hi Yes you were correct,

I deleted the files and tried to re- upload them to the network share and i got a windows error something like are you sure you want to move these files without their permissions - or something along those lines so i un-rared the original files again and just copy/pasted across the network the way i usually do and clean + update library, Bingo - All good again. Ill try rsync next time see if that works better.

Also i can verify its okay to have each file in its own folder for tv i have some that are and others that are not and either way its works just fine.

Thank you for your help.

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This explains how Kodi expects library structures for TV Shows to be organized.

Good link, yeah there was bit of that too i mostly got the naming convention down through trial and error but there were two folders where i hadnt and i couldnt see it but there was a permissions/properties error also. Both issues of my own creation :slight_smile: