Library Scan/import 101 degrees hot

Hey guys,

Got my 4k today. I directly installed osmc from the homepage, plugged it in, using kodi default skin, LAN cable with connection to my Synology NAS. Now created new uses on the 4k and started importing the library with local information like I did it before with all my raspberries.

Since the scan is running (around 5 hours) the 4k turned off 3 times and was one additional time rebooting. The 3 off times it was showing red light.

Since I knew from my raspberry that they got hot during library updates and imports too, I checked the temperature and system is showing at the moment 101 degrees. Which is like 30 higher than my raspberry.

I turned the 4k now in “vertical” stand. But still problem seams to be happening.

I am living in germany and it is not that hot in our house atm. Maybe around 24 degrees.

Sadly the case of the 4k is so closed. I used some cases for my raspberry with Fans and this was the solution.

But still 101 degrees is brutally warm. My hot raspberry was with old close case around 70.

What can I do? I am kind of disappointed. I was so to finally watch 4k and have this fluent fast device. But not I have problems around the clock with it turning off without knowing why. I guess temperature.

My library is huge, so I will have to scan at least 24h for only movies and TV shows.

Please help me…

CPU at 25 to 40 percent, ram around 20 percent

101 degrees C seems hot but it’s apparently acceptable and the thermal regulator tries to keep the temperature below 105 degrees C.

It’s explained in greater detail here.

In testing the thermal controls, we have thrashed the CPUs at 100% for ever with no shutdowns. Very odd if CPU is really not more than 40%. Hopefully the OP can get some data using @DBMandrake’s script.

That’s not normal if it turns off randomly
Can you show a photo of how the device is positioned?

Hey guys, thanks for quick replies. It’s really early in the morning here and a busy day in front of me. I will try to provide everything you need to draw a clearer pictures about what is happening.

Over the night and is still scanning it went down to 80 degrees.

I will read into the suggested script or program of you, never tried it but as soon as I figured out how to use it I will provide additional info.

The device is standing vertically now. For positioning: since the hdmi cable of the original box is pretty short it is close to the Sony 65 inch led TV, same position as my raspberries. I bought a new and longer hdmi cable at Amazon and as soon as it arrives I will position the 4k farer away from the TV.

As said, thanks for quick replies. As soon as I figured out how to use the analysis Programm and found the time to do so I will upload data. If the temperature is still in “ok” zone I am a bit calmer now. Still those randomly shutdowns with signal lost to TV and the random rebooting is troubling me a bit.

I can still confirm the max. 40 percent of CPU in the morning again.

I will make a photo of positioning.