Library Scan issue - TV Series "Großstadtrevier"


I’ve downloaded episodes of the tv show Großstadtrevier from and placed them in a folder structure like this:

TV-Shows/Großstadtrevier/Großstadtrevier - S30E01 - So viele Jahre.mp4
TV-Shows/Großstadtrevier/Großstadtrevier - S30E02 - Harrys Jubiläum.mp4

TV-Shows is where my osmc on a raspi expects TV shows, and for everything else it works fine - just not for this. My suspect is the “ß” in the name - how should I deal with this?
TheTVDB link:

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Create a nfo with the URL

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and what exactly am I supposed to put in that file? Nothing that I’ve tried so far worked.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

is what I have right now - and for some reason in kodi it shows as “Großstadrevier” with a missing T, and no episode info.

…switched to the imdb tv show scraper - all is well now.

Did you read the guide I linked?
the <episodeguide> URL is a critical component

    <url cache="tmdb-46639-en.json">;language=en</url>

First you make a parsing nfo file by making a text file with the name “tvshow.nfo” in your TV-Shows/Großstadtrevier/ folder and the content of the text it contains should ONLY be the base url of the show for your scraper which for this show and the TVDB scraper is…

If you are doing this in Windows and you have file extensions hidden you will have to unhide them as tvshow.nfo.txt will not work. If your Kodi is only setup for english then you will also have to go to videos>files>TV-Shows and then context menu on the Großstadtrevier folder and select “change content” then in the settings for the TVDB scraper you will have to set the primary or fallback language to “de”. This is required for this show as it does not have any english info so it will be added as nameless series with minimal info otherwise. If this had already been scraped and you wanted to refresh it with this new setup then context menu over the show in the TV Show section or the folder in the Files section and select “information”. Click on the refresh button and select YES to all episodes and NO to ignoring locally stored information.

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that worked! thank you!

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