Libre Computer board

Just come across this while browsing the intetwebs.
Looks promising, s905x, 2gb ram configuration, Emmc storage, mali 450. No integrated Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. One of the usb has full bandwidth and the other three are shared with the ethernet. There’s only one day left on the Kickstarter. Thinking about picking one up before the end of the campaign, what would be the chance of this getting support from osmc?

There are no plans for OSMC to support this board for the foreseeable future.

Cheers for the quick reply Sam. Guess it’s going to be a minecraft server for the kids instead.

@Craig it is the flavor of the month card, cards like this pop up all the time and im sure if @sam_nazarko decideds to support one of those cards one of these days he will announce it until then just take every announcement as a simple no

seem so many requests over the years and the cards that pop up on kickstarter indigo etc never really make it to the big league they make a splash and a year later they obsolete or not developed anymore