Libreelec on Vero 4K?


Is it possible to install Libreelec on Vero 4K and use that instead of OSMC?

Why the hell would you want to? Vero4k is an OSMC device. Doesn’t it make more sense to advise us of your issue so that someone might have an opportunity to solve it before you decide you’d rather cut and run?

Yes – it’s possible, but it’s not supported by us. I’m not sure why you’d want to do so however.

If something’s not working on Vero 4K, let us know, we’ll fix it.


One thing that’s nice about LibreElec is that it boots SOOOOO fast. Of course, most people just leave their devices on 24/7 so it’s not a huge issue.

Personally, I was annoyed with LibreElec because I’m a Linux geek and was frustrated at every turn with LibreElec.

On Vero 4K, you might boot a second or so quicker with LE. But you may find yourself more limited with the system.

We actually lose a second or so as we have a timeout (Hold Shift) for recovery on boot. As people don’t boot their always-on devices often, it’s never been a huge priority for us to improve performance.

If something’s not working on Vero 4K, let us know, we’ll fix it.

Dvb-t drivers and tvheadend together not working correctly.With libreelec is better dvb-t drivers support i think same how is possible to install libreelec

The DVB drivers are the same (both use media build). There will be more DVB fixes in the next update, and most tuners will be working.

You best ask LibreELEC for installation / support. Installing to internal storage will obviously void your device’s warranty. But if you’re installing LE for better DVB support, you may be disappointed. I sent you a test build a couple of months ago, and one user, @danialbehzadi reported success with it. In case you missed it:

DVB-T adapter doesn't work on Vero 4k - #44 by sam_nazarko


And you may want to look this as well:

Yes – it should be taken care of in staging though. I’ll ask for some testers on this shortly.

nothing changed still error : linuxdvb: Silicon Labs Si2168 : DVB-T #0 - DTV_CLEAR failed [e=Inappropriate ioctl for device]

Need to see full logs.

It’s unclear which kernel you are using and TVH package.

dpkg -l | grep tvheadend
uname -a

would be good.

osmc@osmc4k:~$ dpkg -l | grep tvheadend
ii armv7-tvheadend-app-osmc 4.2.0-2 armh f TVHeadend for OSMC
osmc@osmc4k:~$ uname -a
Linux osmc4k 3.14.29-28-osmc #1 SMP Tue Aug 1 00:00:14 UTC 2017 aarch64 GNU/Linux

That’s why – it’s not the same kernel as @danialbehzadi recommended.

If you hold tight – there will be a new kernel soon.

@Muheeb_Alzaki I moved your post to this thread as this would answer your question

I don’t believe there is any significant difference between OpenELEC and OSMC, besides some customization on the latter.

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OSMC is based on Debian (so you have 40,000 packages) and apt-get
LE/OE is more locked down, but some people prefer this.

The only reason I mentioned openelec is because of the control function that I could do in Control4. This possible because openelec starts with Kodi.

If osmc kicks in with kodi, meaning I don’t have to start osmc n then fire up kodi. Then this will work fine. I can’t wait to get my unit to test it

OSMC DOES boot straight into Kodi so by the sound of it you should be ok.

good to hear, thanks

One reason to ponder the installation of libreelec on a vero 4k is consolidation. If you own several devices, it is quite some work to get a consistent look and feel on all of them (the keymap for one system will not work at all on the other one) for example. Unfortunately osmc is available only for some selected devices (especially not for generic x86 HTPC systems), so in this case people might feel pressed to use libreelec instead.

That said, I would prefer to have osmc on all my devices. I like it much more because the base system is a real operating system and not JeOS. You can do some changes and test immediately while on libreelec you need to modify the squashfs, transfer it and perform two reboots until your change finally takes effect. And the vero 4k is a really great device! So far I did not yet give up and spoil it with crippled libreelec :slight_smile: