LibreSpot in the OSMC App Store

The LibreElec team created a “Spotify-Connect Kodi addon for LibreElec”, which is basically a wrapper for LibreSpot. It would be cool if OSMC could do something similar and create a similar wrapper for LibreSpot, put it in the OSMC App Store.

The only goal would be to use OSMC as Spotify-Connect receiver. The current solution to achieve this is Raspotify, but as @sebtron noted, since it is not integrated with Kodi, some users will find the experience a bit poor.

The Raspotify wrapper: GitHub - dtcooper/raspotify: A Spotify Connect client that mostly Just Works™
Marcelveldt, creator of the Spotify add on for Kodi explains his addon: Spotify for Kodi

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If someone that’s more familiar than I am with the addon wants to package it up, let me know.

Happy to give some pointers


I’m also using this and it’s working like a charm for me (at least on a RPi3 with OSMC): [HowTo] Spotify-Connect support via Raspotify (LibreSpot) Just not sure, if it’s also working on the Vero 4k…

Having a Spotify Connect option natively on all OSMC decides would be awesome! Maybe even like AirPlay is already present (no addon or service under MyOSMC needed) :grin:
And it would be awesome, if a OSMC Spotify Connect option would allow playback without a premium account… Which the Raspotify option doesn’t allow currently (can anyone explain to me, why?).

You can’t use Spotify without a premium account because I believe API access is needed. We wouldn’t really want to violate their API requirements or terms of use.

It should work just fine on the Vero 4K as I believe it just leverages an ALSA sink.

OK… Well, that was my question. Spotify specifies that there are devices that have Spotify Connect (AVRs mostly) that you can use without a premium account. But there are some (Spotify lists “speakers”) that require a premium account for Spotify Connect usage. So, the Vero 4k would be handled as a “speaker” by Spotify?
Just being curious as it looks like it is technically possible to use Spotify Connect without a premium account. But I don’t know what the technical requirements for that are. :see_no_evil:

They probably aren’t technical requirements but rather licensing requirements. Due to the open source nature of OSMC this could be tricky to implement.

Ok… Well, but implementing Spotify Connect itself (usable with a premium account) natively into OSMC could be done?

Agree - also don’t see the point of licensing, as the Spotify connect could be also (legally) integrate in the RPI3.
Personally, not having Spotify connect feature erodes the advantage of the Vero 4k over the RPi3 for me (the latter worked fine for my use case as well, but at least has the Spotify connect feature). I am not saying that the RPi is technically equivalent, but again - it got his job done in my case. If the RPi3 is the only way to get a major service running, it might be worth consideration.

Just my 2 cents…

If LibreSpot works on Pi 3 then it will work on Vero 4K.

In the unlikely event that isn’t the case let me know and we will get it working.



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It definitely works on the RPi2 and RPi3. There haven’t been reports of major issues in the HowTo topic or on Raspotify’s and LibreSpot github pages. Personally I noticed difference in playback quality over bluetooth, so I am very happy!

But I am also considering a Vero device in the future since my RPi3 is doing more and more tasks (besides Kodi and Raspotify) like personal cloud via SyncThing (syncing phone camera, pictures, password manager and documents), automated downloads via Flexget, Transmission, Subliminal. And I am looking into Nextcloud (which would definitely be too much for the RPi3 to keep running smoothly).

So it would be very cool if we can get LibreSpot solution for Vero.

If it works on Pi it should also work on the Vero 4K.

I’ll take a look over the weekend


Hi Sam,

Librespot is open source. Here is my take at it for LibreELEC: at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

You will find required dependencies in (Rust is required, pyalsaaudio is optional, avahi depends on how OSMC implements avahi).

It would be really cool if the Librespot addon could find its way to OSMC.

If you have questions ask them here: Librespot addon - Add-on Support - LibreELEC Forum

I use my RPi 3 with OSMC and Kodi Addon “Spotify” from Marcel Veldt. I can navigate Spotify via KODI GUI or I can stream Spotify from any other device to OSMC/Kodi via this addon. OSMC will show up as available device.

That sounds awesome! Does it even show Spotify connect playback in the RPi OSMC GUI?

Playback is fully integrated into the OSMC Kodi GUI, it looks exactly like any other local playback for music, including Artist, Album, Title, CoverArt.

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The Spotify Connect feature is still marked as experimental, so there might be some bugs.

I know that add-on, one of my earlier posts here or in the HowTo quotes Marcel in his add-on topic.
But it’s exactly what I do not want: a UI for Spotify on Kodi. Nothing can beat the app itself on your phone (or laptop). OSMC/Kodi only needs to act as a Connect device. Marcel himself recommends the LibreElec for those cases.

I don’t need a GUI for Spotify in Kodi either, but I’d find it interesting to have the Spotify Connect feature show up in the Kodi GUI giving me information about the current playback and maybe letting me stop the Connect playback via Kodi… With the Raspotify option one has to stop Spotify Connect playback via the app first before Kodi can use the sound output again.

That’s actually quite interesting indeed. I’ll give it a try!

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Any update for librespot in osmc? My vero4k should arrive soon and i would be happy to use it as an spotify connect receiver.