Libtorrent 1.0.11 client can't download my torrent file seeded using uTorrent?

I have a personal video file and used uTorrent’s create a torrent service to make a public torrent file out of it. I googled a list of good public trackers and used them in creating the torrent file. So now I have my uTorrent client seeding the said torrent file. OS used for uTorrent is Windows 10.

I wanted to download this video file using libtorrent 1.0.11 client. I ran the client using VMware and with the OS Ubuntu.

When I type in python cli

 python <torrentfile.torrent>

the program runs but it can’t seem to download the file??? I think the program could see my Windows laptop but can’t establish a connection? It never connected and I cant download the torrent file.

If I use the same libtorrent client and try downloading a famous torrent file with seeders ranging from 25 to thousands from our friendly torrent websites, it could always download the files… What could possibly went wrong? Please help as we would need to simulate sharing files using libtorrent

I’m not sure what at all this has to do with OSMC… I would contact the developers of the torrent client.