Limited nav bar on mobile

Is it possible to adjust the mobile layout for this discourse forum to access these highlighted nav bar items

Currently these aren’t available in the mobile layout

Maybe @thehacker66 can look in to this. It changed with a recent Discourse update.

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Switch your browser to Desktop Site and you’ll be able to see the Nav bar links (works in Android can’t say for any fruity device) :wink:

I know but I’m asking for a proper solution, not a workaround.

In that case it may help if you mention which mobile device you are using as the nav bar displays fine on my Lenovo Tab8 without switching to desktop view :wink:

The reason your are able to see all nav bar items is because your tablet is big enough to hit a higher width breakpoint, that allows the page to render the full nav bar, but on a phone this breakpoint is not reached, so these items stay hidden.

A proper solution would be a drop down menu for the missing items, but I don’t know if this needs to be done by the Discourse devs on a global level or if it can be done on this single instance (OSMCs Discourse).

I know,
I have no experience with Discourse sites but I run 2 Joomla 4 sites, a Wordpress site and a phpBB forum all with responsive themes.
Nowadays at least 60% (probably more) of most sites traffic is via mobile devices, when setting up sites it helps to know the screen size/ resolution of the devices your trying to cater for. The last one I set up switches to a hamburger menu for smaller devices but keeps the menu bar for pc’s etc

Will take a look shortly.

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@jimi1 @Ainsley Discourse removed the ability to add links to the old hamburger menu and moved them to the sidebar which is the new mobile menu.
We’ll run some tests to see that the custom links won’t break anything and then we’ll add them back.


Links have been readded to the hamburger and sidebar (mobile only). Let us know if you can see them.

Thanks a lot. It seems like the only thing missing now are the two buttons:

  • My Account
  • Vero V

Done, thanks for the heads up!


Thanks, looks fine now :+1: