Limited skins to choose from

Hi all, recieved my Vego 2 a few weeks ago and Starting to finish a lot if the settings. One issue I want to raise is that when pushing “get more…” in Settings >Skin I only see a 14 different skins and I’m missing skins like Eminence. Am I missing something or what do I need to do to install more skins? Cheers!

Maybe ask Kodi why only 14 skins are officially supported on Kodi 16 Jarvis? Or, more relevant than that, ask the developers of other Kodi skins that were previously available why they have not updated their skins for Jarvis? This really isn’t an OSMC issue.

As I started my post, I have just received my product and am completely new to Kodi. I apologise if my question was not valid for this forum. At least I now know why there were no more skins in the list. Cheers!

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I use a mod of Eminence 2 on my RPi2 so it should work for you on the Vero 2:


Kodi 16 is still fairly new, so it may take a little bit of time for skins to become compatible. And then after this, a little more time for the skins to appear in the repository.


I have the same issue. Latest version of OSMC. The great majority of skins that were available on my PC version of Kodi (Jarvis) do not show up in the repository of OSMC. Jurialmonkey says Eminence for Jarvis is in the Jarvis branch of the repo, but I don’t see it. Am I missing something?