Line-in audio output

I’m probably opening myself for dissapointment, but is there any way to get line-in playback through OSMC on a RPi2 using a USB soundcard? I have an old turntable and rather than rigging it up to my aplifier I’d rather be able to plug it into the OSMC power pi behind my TV and listen to my old vinyls that way. I’m not even interested in visualiztions etc, but to have it play through the OSMC sound output.

Is such a thing possible? I’ve had a fiddle and OSMC doesn’t seem to pick up anything coming through the line-in.

Well, you know that you need a phono preamp when you want to hook up a turntable, right?
Without the preamp, the sound will be very unbalanced and low.

It’s not an issue with this turntable as it has a built-in pre-amp for such uses. I normally use it with my PC to convert vinyls into mp3.

Oh. I see. Sorry.
Not sure what audio architecture osmc is using but there should be a way to redirect the input stream to the output somehow.

Got it working prior to the update via ssh’ing into the device and using alsamixer and unmuting the mixer. Since the update this didn’t work…

Until I took the time consuming and difficult task of running alsamixer with…

alsamixer -c 1

Which gave me access to the mixer device again.

Since then I have plugged a splitter into the line-in on the cheap ebayed USB sound dongle I bought on ebay for £2 and have both my TV and turntable plugged in and outed through the cheap but surprisingly decent speakers I have on the line-out. Through this I can have OSMC, turntable and anything on the TV (not that I bother with such 20th century broadcasting very often) outputted through the same speakers.


OSMC doesn’t react to any of this input,ie visualization etc… but other than that it’s currently acting as a hi-fi. Awesomeness.

Update: Naturally I hadn’t tested both inputs at the same otherwise I would have realized this is why you need a mixer. One source always seems to be muted. However it’s a start and I can simply unplug whichever one I’m not using.

May look at the possibility of a cheap mixer. Or are usb sound dongles with multiple inputs a thing?