Line of corrupt pixels on poster / thumbnail

I don’t see how which scraping source would make a difference (I think the artwork files are largely the same on both sites) and ‘imageres’ covers all posters regardless of media type. Is there a common denominator on which TV show posters are displaying this issue such as they have, or had local art?

I took a closer look at that cached 24 poster you posted above and noticed that it wasn’t in a 2:3 aspect ratio which is what Kodi displays. I took a look at both scraper sites and they both have that same poster in slightly off dimensions. You might try grabbing the original and manually cropping it on a PC and then point Kodi to this new copy and see what happens.

You might also double check to make sure you don’t have any calibration set for Kodi’s UI which I think can cause some strange visuals as well.

Thanks Darwin, AFAIK there are I’ve made no changes to the video calibration, I’m presuming you mean under Settings/Display/Video Calibration? I will check though, as well as checking to see if any of the newly downloaded images have also stored the corruption as happened before.

Thanks for confirming imageres covers all poster art. I will try create my own in 2:3 ratio, however if that ends up working it’s a really off-putting job to have to externally batch resize a load of image files which randomly seem to show corruption one day then don’t the next. Especially as I would need to do it possibly every time I update the library.

Is it worth trying a different scraper perhaps? If so which would you suggest?

Thanks thanks thanks!

Verified display of GUI on 4K TV is set at 1920x1080p at 23.98.

Video calibration shows same resolution, 0,0 top left overscan, 0,0 bottom right overscan and pixel ration adjustment is at 1.000

Doing manual refresh of a TV show affected by white line syndrome still shows corrupt image in the preview window.

I’ll try manually creating / editing an image and report back.

I’ve noticed a similar issue on my setup. Not sure if this is particularly helpful, but I noticed last night that the “corrupt lines” are in fact empty space. The easiest way to see this is to have a video playing in the background – any thumbnails with the “gap” on the side will show the pixels moving with the video.

The odd aspect ratio thing should be mainly just old entries. I think everyone has standardized on larger artwork that is in the correct aspect ratio for years now for new art submissions but for obvious reasons they didn’t purge old art. How many different posters are we talking about here? I honestly don’t remember manually changing many posters over the years because something was off.

Do note that if you update a local artwork file Kodi has a 24hr lockout for recaching the image. Because of this for testing you may want to use different file names and manually set the image for quick testing if your going to make more than one attempt.

That is what we were just talking about. Kodi displays posters in a 2:3 aspect ratio. It also does not stretch or crop images to make them fit, thus the “empty” space that is showing artifacts.

Happy to say this is pretty much resolved now, in the end it was a combination of various things all suggested above. Artwork resolution, GUI resolution, video calibration. The only extra thing I did was to set up artwork dump addon to make sure any new artwork is copied over to the source folders.

Thanks again to all who gave assistance.

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Just one further point about this…

Is it feasible to have different imageres and fanartres settings on different devices?

If say a Pi 3 client had the resolution set lower than a Pi 4 / Vero to aid responsiveness? Would it just be a case of deleting the dB and thumbnails folder and let it recache the artwork from the server and let it resize it?

Of course. The cache is independent on all clients so you are free to set each to whatever you want. About the only caveat that comes to mind is if you decide to do a library export with images you would probably want to do it from a client using a higher resolution as what is exported is pulled from the cache and not the original resolution images.

That is what would be required but I don’t think you would really find much of a difference in the responsiveness between thumbs being 540 or 720. You may find it faster than setting it to native which would normally get you 3000 px high posters, but that is a silly setting as Kodi really doesn’t like running the UI larger than 1080p and can’t take advantage of that extra resolution.

Done just that on both my Pi 3 clients today and definitely benefitting from the lower res artwork in terms of load time for lists and info pages. Will keep the server Pi 4 and Vero4K+ on 9999 as they don’t exhibit any signs of lag and as you suggested, best to have a repo of original res artwork. Thank you again, again and again.

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