Linking to LAN with OSMC?

Good day to you all.
Let me start by saying good up on everyone who is involved with the development of the PI and OSMC.
I have a problem with linking my Pi to home LAN to access the movies and music that I have.
Can anyone please ‘show’ me the way to get around this… please?
I don’t know the OS very well and feel like a bit of an idiot here, I guess after all I am an noon, hehe.
Thanks for the help people.


Well if you have a proper LAN setup with DHCP everything will be automatically otherwise you would need to go to MyOSMC and manually either connect to your WIFI or configure your IP addresses.
So if you need some help you need to give more infos like:

Wifi or Ethernet
DHCP or static IP

You really haven’t described exactly what your issue is here. Hard for us to offer assistance if we don’t truly understand the problem.

All im wanting is internet access on my pi and access to my movies and music. So if you select the item it will play it. I am wanting to use the LAN cable i had laid. I have an adsl setup with the ip’s set to auto.

When i go into the settings of osmc i can’see’ the network connection is connected but not ative.

Does this info gelp at all?

Well assuming that you mean with ADSL setup with th ip’s set to auto you mean the WAN side of your router that that should not have any meaning for OSMC.
So you say in MyOSMC it shows as not connected so following questions:

  1. Does the LINK LED on the ethernet port light up? Does the ACT LED blink from time to time?
  2. In MyOSMC is it configured as DHCP and did you get an IP Address from your LAN IP Range assigned?

Hi Fzinken,
When I plug the rj45 plug in a green led flashes, when I plug the adsl USB wifi it flashes. So as far as I can see they are communicating.
Like I said earlier, I would prefer the LAN cable connection rather.

Thanks for the help so far…

Well I have to say your wordings are still confusing me. What is a “adsl USB wifi”?
And you haven’t answered the second question:

If you mean that you plugged in a wifidongle provided by your adsl provider, it might not work with linux. You would need to tell us the exact brand.

If you don’t get a network connection with a cable plugged in from your router, there is something else failing.

If you plug a notebook or pc on the same cable, does that work then?

It flashes when I put the rj45 plug in.

When i plug the USB WiFi dongle in it can see the net but I can’t access my computer drives, even though they are shared!

Thanks again…

How are your drives shared? What os has your server installed? Is it a nas or computer?
Can you use addons like youtube?
How did you try to access the shared folders from osmc?
Can you please upload logs ?

HI mcobit,

My pi only does not connect via the LAN at all, but I can download the apps when I plug my WIFI dongle
into it…

I have no idea whats wrong.
I have the correct WEP key, the cable connection is good and fine.

Im not sure how to choose the LAN over WIFI and make it work.

Reinstall has happened so many times already!
I can download the apps off from the apps menu, but cant access my pc??

Thanks for the help so far…

This sounds like a networking problem to me? Unfortunately I cannot read from your post what exactly the problem is.

You still did not answer any questions and did not provide any logs.

Hi mcorbit, sorry for making you wait.
How do I see and copy the logs off of the pi??

Sorry to ask a stupid question here!

Keep well and thanks again.


Well earlier you wrote you have internet connection. If that is the case just run grab-logs -A and post the URL

I have adsl if i use my usb wifi dongle.
But nothing if i use the rj45 cable.

Create Logs with grab-logs -C -A while your rj45 cable is connected.
Then plug in your usb wifi dongle and upload then with paste-log paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt
Also when your usb dongle is in run grab-logs -J

What rj45 cable are you using and doyou connect it directly to your router?
Can you try another cable?

I will try another cable to see if the one I had installed is the problem…
Will let you know.

Thx again.

Hi I there, sorry for taking so long to respond.
I am running a Automatic IP system…
On a cable LAN.

Are you still having the same problem?

Can you please answer ALL of the following questions:

  1. If you use another device (laptop, pc etc) on the same cable can that device connect ok?
  2. With the cable connected, access the console and run grab-logs -C -A
  3. Disconnect the cable, plug in the WiFi and run paste-log /boot/uploadlog.txt (and take note of the URL)
  4. With the WiFi still connected run grab-logs -J (and take note of the URL)
  5. Post both URLs here
  6. Post the exact make and model of your adsl wifi usb

When you have all the information for all 6 points, post the answers back here.