Linux AirPlay/AirTunes delayed streaming


First thanks for OSMC on the Raspberry Pi 2; it has been a pretty interesting distribution so far!
Since I use other iOS devices, I would like to stick with AirPlay (despite knowing that iOS 9 is currently not supported) — even under Linux.
My set-up comprises

  • Raspberry Pi 2, Kodi 15.2, Kernel 4.2.3.-2osmc from Oct-21, image 2015.10-1
  • Xubuntu 15.10

Here is what I did so far (This is intentionally written as a tutorial if anyone wants to replicate it):

  1. The Remote Audio Output protocol is installed under Ubuntu via
    apt-get install pulseaudio-module-raop
  2. In combination with PulseAudio Preferences, I am able to output sound to discoverable AirPlay/AirTunes devices.
  3. The Raspberry Pi has the correct check mark under
    Settings → Services → AirPlay
  4. The Raspberry Pi 2/OSMC can be detected from Ubuntu as a possible audio output device and can start a streaming session.

Now the actual problem is that all commands I issue - regardless of the application - under Ubuntu are delayed by 30-40 seconds. E.g., I set the audio output to the Raspberry, press ‘Play’ and only after 30-40 seconds the song starts playing on the Raspberry Pi, same deal with ‘Pause’, etc. Notably, once the Raspberry starts playing, the content is streamed perfectly (no interruptions).

Question: How can I have a lower latency/no delay of commands when using AirPlay in conjunction with Ubuntu?

Thanks for your help!


You would be better off using PulseAudio’s native client->client streaming.