Linux Installer

This must be the dumbest question ever, but where is the installer for Linux operating systems (e.g., Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch)?

On the downloads page, there are only installers for Windows and OSX. The only option appears to be install via the img file.

Is that right? And is that a writable image file? Or an image file of the installer?


Installer for linux is not maintained any more. Just unzip the .img and use your image restore tool to write to an SD card.

On Linux Mint the tool is available on the right click menu or an app they call ‘Disks’. Must be something similar in other distros.

Thanks! I did that now, and it was obviously simple. I was confused by all the “installer” stuff on the website. Would be great if they could add a little text stating that there is no Linux installer and to write directly to SD using dd, Etcher, Gnome Disks, etc.

The Linux installer will come back, but it will be a while. For now we expect our Linux users to be fairly savvy and use dd.

Sorry for the confusion

As Sam mentioned dd works, but I found out suse’s imagewriter also works and uses GUI.