Lirc, irsend and irexec

Hi all,

Good job on the osmc release! Really fast!
A bit stuck on the lirc support thoug. In Alpha 4 (pi2) i managed to get the remote working (lirc) and also irexec just by adding this line to rc.local: /usr/bin/irexec --daemon /home/osmc/.lircrc

Unfortunally that doesn’t work anymore in RC… but… irw does not show all the buttons anymore i have in my lircd.conf when i press them. Just some of them. Maybe there’s the problem.
And yes, they all start with KEY_ so i think something has changed from alpha 4 to rc
The remote functions fine in kodi btw.

The command in alpha 4: ~# irsend list “” “”
irsend: dummyx10
irsend: humax
irsend: onkyo
irsend: samsung
irsend: Onkyo_ab_harmony
irsend: mceusb
irsend: mceusb_hauppauge
irsend: vista_mce

The command in RC The command in alpha 4: ~# irsend list “” “”

But what can it be?


pi2, harmony smart remote -> GPIO

/etc/lirc/lircd.conf sample

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begin remote

name  dummyx10
bits           16
eps            30
aeps          100

header       4534  4449
one           604  1631
zero          604   505
ptrail        604
pre_data_bits   16
pre_data       0xC2CA
gap          108312
toggle_bit_mask 0x0

begin codes
KEY_but_power                0x807F
KEY_but_1                    0x827D
KEY_but_2                    0x42BD
KEY_but_3                    0xC23D
KEY_but_4                    0x22DD
KEY_but_5                    0xA25D
KEY_but_6                    0x629D
KEY_but_7                    0xE21D
KEY_but_8                    0xFC03
KEY_but_9                    0xEC13
KEY_but_0                    0xF40B
KEY_but_cancel               0xE817
KEY_but_remain               0x00FF
KEY_but_back                 0xD827
KEY_but_step                 0xBC43
KEY_but_pause                0xBE41
KEY_but_fastforward          0xAE51

Remote support has changed a lot between Alpha 4 and RC.

Your KEY_ names are not valid Linux uinput key names (there is no such thing as KEY_but_1 etc) it’s not enough for the name to start with KEY_ it has to be defined in the Linux kernel as we pass the output of lircd through uinput and then through eventlircd before reaching kodi. Invalid KEY_ codes will be filtered out.

Please see here for a list of valid KEY_* names: (Lines 215-790)

Also to help guide you on what key names to use, and what they do in Kodi please refer to the default Kodi Lircmap.xml located at /usr/share/kodi/system/Lircmap.xml - look for the remote device called “linux-input-layer” - this is the mapping we use for eventlircd, so regardless of remote type the linux-input-layer section of Lircmap.xml is always used.

Thanks for your help with the key’s. I will look into that!

Any thougts on irsend and irexec?

Unfortunately not - I don’t have an IR senders to test with, nor have I used one before.